An Intro to EDM: Deadmau5 – When the Summer Dies

    Ladies and Gents…presenting this week’s Song on Repeat by Deadmau5 (in case you didn’t know, its pronounced “Deadmouse”).

    I felt this tune was the perfect transition song from last week’s tamer selection. We’re baby stepping our way up to artists like Excision, Peg Board Nerds, Toby Green, and so many more. 

    But don’t think this means Deadmau5 is mild!  Far from it.   

    Beware the couple of F bombs. They pop up unexpectedly but make for a fun listen if you ask me. So grab some headphones, crank the volume and hit PLAY!

    Oh, and you know that feeling you get at the 2:52 mark? That’s your moment of frission – The Drop! That feeling is why we’re here folks. Embrace it now because we are just getting started!




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    The mid-lifer’s intro to EDM…It’s not just for the young!

    I’m in my late 40s and I love EDM music 

    I didn’t always love it though. My whole life I associated it with late night raves and kids high on drugs so I never gave it a chance. Instead I stuck to local top 40 pop or classic rock radio stations and when satellite radio finally came along I gravitated to Hair Nation for my 80s nostalgia fix.

    No matter what I listened to though, something was always playing in my car. Driving in silence was unfathomable to me…well, until it wasn’t anymore. 

    In early 2018 EDM saved my life. That story is one best suited for another post but since that day, EDM is all I listen to and now I’ve made it my mission to introduce the genre to other mid-lifers like me. 

    Why? Because I’ve discovered its not just for the younger crowd and it has something to offer all ages that runs deeper than twirling glow sticks at music festivals.  I’m not a raver or a weekend warrior. I don’t dance to EDM all night at parties or in clubs. Hell, I don’t even go to any parties or clubs!

     I listen to it all the time; at work, in the car, working out, it doesn’t matter. It has an antidepressant effect that surprised me on that first listen back in 2018. It swept me away like no other music has and I’ve been a loyal fan ever since.

     I promise, I’ll explain what I mean in a later a post. For now, let’s just get to it!  Allow me to introduce this week’s Song on Repeat

    Illenium is a great intro into the genre because he teams up with incredible vocalists to create truly memorable tunes. He is an EDM god as far as I’m concerned. This tune is very tame but its been on repeat for a few weeks now because of how amazing it is.  You’ll be seeing Illenium pop up repeatedly here for sure. 

     ENJOY and welcome to EDM!