An Intro to EDM: Deadmau5 – When the Summer Dies

Ladies and Gents…presenting this week’s Song on Repeat by Deadmau5 (in case you didn’t know, its pronounced “Deadmouse”).

I felt this tune was the perfect transition song from last week’s tamer selection. We’re baby stepping our way up to artists like Excision, Peg Board Nerds, Toby Green, and so many more. 

But don’t think this means Deadmau5 is mild!  Far from it.   

Beware the couple of F bombs. They pop up unexpectedly but make for a fun listen if you ask me. So grab some headphones, crank the volume and hit PLAY!

Oh, and you know that feeling you get at the 2:52 mark? That’s your moment of frission – The Drop! That feeling is why we’re here folks. Embrace it now because we are just getting started!




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