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Life in Winter

I’m late to the NaPoWriMo party due to a bad fibro/depression double whammy that hit last week. Finally crawling out of it no so here’s my first poem for this’ year’s event. I gave the Blitz form a try (50 lines with strict rules about repeating words) and was quite blown away by both the simplicity and the depth. I haven’t checked any of the prompts, so this one is all me. tomorrow, maybe I’ll follow the prompt…maybe.

Life in Winter
Watching tv
Watching life
Life faded
Life unlived
Unlived dreams
Unlived joy
Joy fleeting
Joy denied
Denied connections
Denied purpose
Purpose unfulfilled
Purpose lost at sea
Sea of waves
Sea like storms
Storm battered ships
Storm easing sleep
Sleep like babies
Sleep like thunder
Thunder shaking souls
Thunder calling heaven
Heaven answers
Heaven accepts you
You, in queue
You still waiting
Waiting on dreams
Waiting for the camper
Camper bought, then sold
Camper never used
Used tissues
Used prayers
Prayers for a miracle
Prayers unanswered
Unanswered call
Unanswered goodbye
Goodbye too soon
Goodbye, Dad
Dad fought, lost
Dad now flying
Flying the coastline
Flying kites
Kites with strings
Kites tied to fingers
Fingers touching yours
Finger growing cold
Cold seeping in
Cold like winter
Winter claims the dead
Winter freezing hearts


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